We Grow Super-Nutritious Aronia Berries

Brimming with anti-oxidants, the Aroniaberry is emerging as a powerhouse for health. This deep purple berry is native to North America, and is wonderful in smoothies, trail-mix, juices, winemaking, fruit leathers, pies, jams, and jellies. It contains three times the anthocyanin content of blueberries, higher than any other fruit or vegetable.  And its anti-oxidant levels are among the highest of any berry cultivated on this continent.

Now this berry is growing on the west coast of Canada, on Hopkins Berry Farm.

Hopkins Berry Farm is nestled in the lush Lower Fraser Valley between the Serpentine and Nicomekl rivers in Surrey BC Canada. This family farm has been in the Hopkins family for three generations. In 2014 we planted our first Aronia seedling, and are now thrilled to bring this marvelous berry to the local market on Canada’s west coast. Hopkins Berry Farm is operated by four sisters on behalf of the extended Hopkins family. Our crops are grown using natural methods and sustainable practices such as pruning to reduce humidity and hand-picking. Only sprays certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) are applied, and even then, only as necessary.

Check out the amazing health benefits of Aronia, and Contact Us to find out more!

Natures' Medicine Chest Packed In A Dark Purple Berry